portable Pulse-Doppler flow meter for pipes and open channels 

For sewage treatment plants [flow rate] measurements are primarily installed for internal reasons, for example to control specific plant components with flow dependency or for controlling additives. International regulations for example the EU-Directive for handling municipal waste water require a continuous surveillance of waste water flow. Defective flow [flow rate] measurements on sewage-treatment plants can therefore influence their operation, but there can also be legal or environmental consequences.

Q-Eye MIII flow meter  


  Sensor   1 x velocity 1 x water level
  Frequency   1 MHz
  Range   velocity ± 5,3 m/s water level 0,04 – 1,3 m expandable via optional hydrostatic sensor: 0 – 10m (other ranges available upon request)
  Accuracy   ± 1% of measured value for v and h (ultrasonic) ± 0,25 % for value h (hydrostatic) ± 2% for flow
  Cable Length   max. 80 m
  Display   3 lines, 16 characters
  Keyboard   3 keys
  Datalogger   4 MB (internal)
  Communication   RS-232
  Approval   ATEX (option)
  Enclosure   IP 69 K (NEMA 6P) if plugs are connected to sensors or protection caps screwed on tight.
  Enclosure   POM (Polyoxymethylen)


    PDF-Logo brochure for Waste Water / PDF (1,2 MB) 

The Q-Eye M III portable velocity area flow meter is designed for applications in fullfilled pipes or partially full pipes 100 – 2000 mm (4 – 80 inches) in diameter, or open channels with flow depths of 40 – 2000 mm (1,5 – 80 inches).   It uses advanced DoBive or reverse flow conditions. This eliminates the need for on-site calibration, thereby reducing significantly the cost of installation.

Mouse Type

Q-Eye MII ultrasonic flow meter

Your choice for mobile applications

Q-Eye MIII is your choice for mobile applications. The long lifetime of approx. 70 days with a measuring interval of 5 minutes, as well as the small and robust housing make it the perfect tool for temporary operations. In addition to water level and flow, the signal quality, battery voltage and the calculated flow are also stored inside the data logger.  

Q-Eye MII installation manhole