AquaProfiler® MT

stationary flow profiler 

The AquaProfiler® is a line of acoustic flow meters for permanently installed and portable applications. The AquaProfiler® precisely measures water velocities in open channels and pipes.   With its high accuracy and competitive cost, the AquaProfiler® is a perfect choice for long-term real-time monitoring or to obtain instantaneous measurements where time savings are an important aspect. It uses advanced Doppler technology to establish the locity in many separate space points (cells) along the measurement axis and develop the flow profile. The 2-dimensional velocity sensors type 2L or 2XL are installed either uplooking or sidelooking. The velocity profile is measured in max. 64 cells. Depending on the requested range, cell depths of 0,25 m to 2,0 m are parameterized.

AquaProfiler stationary ultrasonic flow meter ECM IE  


   Display   4 lines, 20 characters
   Datalogger   16 GB Micro SD card
   Communication   RS485, MODBUS (RS232 or RS485), WLAN, GPRS, Ethernet, 10/100 Mbps
   Inputs   max. 4 x 4-20 mA, 2 x digital
   Outputs   max. 4 x 4-20 mA 4 x Relay, 2 x Pulse
   Power Supply   85-260 VAC (48/60 Hz) or 9-36 VDC
   Approval   ATEX (option)
   Enclosure   ABS, wall mounted



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Mouse Type | vertical and horizontal applications


AquaProfiler TD 2L stationary ultrasonic flowmeter





Frequency   600 kHz   2 MHz
Max. number of cells   64   64
Max. profiling range   0,5 to 120 m *)   0,25 to 20 m *)
Minimum cell size   0,5 m   0,25 m
Max blanking   0,5 m   0,25 m
Range   velocity ± 8 m/s water level hydrostatic: 0-10 m   velocity ± 8 m/s water level hydrostatic: 0-10 m
Temperature sensor   -5°C to 40°C
Accuracy   for value v: 0,5% FS ± 0,25 cm/s for value h: 0,1% FS for value t: ± 0,1°C
Max. cable length   80 m   80 m
Dimensions   450 x 140 x 90 mm   350 x 140 x 65 mm
Installation   sidelooking   uplooking & sidelooking


Application of AquaProfiler®

amazingly good results even under difficult hydraulic conditions

With it’s 2-dimensional velocity sensor and a resolution of max. 64 measuring cells, the AquaProfiler® sets new standards. It scans the velocity profile and calculates the discharge together with the measured water level. Even under difficult hydraulic conditions with secondary flow, it delivers amazingly good results. The cross flow is recognized and eliminated by the measured velocity vector.



AquaProfiler stationary ultrasonic flow meter


illustration HydroVision open channel flowmeter AquaProfiler stationary sidelooking

Velocity Index Rating

A velocity-index rating represents the relation between the velocity-index and concurrent mean velocity of discharge in the standard cross section.
A number of discharge measurements throughout the expected range in stage are required to develop a velocity-index rating. This rating provides the method for computing mean velocities from the index velocities recorded at a station.


Various types of a velocity index rating can be entered in the graphical user interface of the AquaProfiler® MT. For example, a single coefficient rating where the range in stage at the station is not large. Or a more complex rating for stations with bidirectional flow or a large range of stage.