fully integrated flow meter 

The ReVision flow meter is a fully integrated metering solution with up to 10 acoustic paths for liquid fluids. It is a new entry in the HydroVision family of high accuracy acoustic metering products. It increases your profitability with exceptional repeatability and linearity throughout the flow range. Due to the patented velocity profile compensation no flow straightener is needed and no on-site calibration is required. Even complex flow measuring tasks can now be realized.


modular flow transmitter  


  Acoustic Paths  

1 – 10 (20 transducers)

arranged in max. 5 planes, crossed

  Flow   bi-directional
  Accuracy   up to < ± 0,15 % of measured value
  Range   0 to ± 20 m/s (0 to ± 66 ft./s)
  Repeatability   < ± 0,02 %
  Zero Stability  

< 1 mm/s

  Pressure Range   PN6, PN10, PN16


Ethernet 10 / 100 Mbps

  Inputs:   max. 4 x 4-20 mA, 2 x digital

max. 4 x 4-20 mA

2 x Pulse, 4x Relay

  Power Supply  

85-260 VAC (48-60 Hz)

or 9-36 VDC


ABS, wall mounted



    PDF-Logo brochure ReVision english / PDF



When combining the ReVision with clamp-on transducers, the flow measurement becomes non-intrusive from the outside of the pipe. The transducers are installed with little technical effort and without process interruption on the pipeline.










    TD-200/8   TD-1000/3
Frequency    200 kHz    1 MHz
Pipe Diameter    0,3 to 15 m   0,025 to 1m
Wall thickness  

up to 100 mm (steel, plastic, fiberglass)

  up to 20 mm
Beam width   8° (-3dB)  
Material   Stainless Steel, Polyamide   PEEK
Dimensions   270 x 115 x 100 mm   80 x 30 x 30 mm
Weight   2,4 kg   0,4 kg

from outside of the pipe – non intrusive

  from outside of the pipe – non intrusive

Fixing of the clamp-on transducers is done either with straps, magnetically or by bonding.




The transducer housings are separate from the transducers, allowing transducers to be changed without shutting down the process. Desinged to allow removal of the entire transducer for repair, replacement or cleaning without the need to dewater the pipe.


     HydroVision_flowmeter_feedthrough_sensor_ft_s_1000_45_web   HydroVision_Flowmeter_sensor_feedthhrough_ft_m_1000_70   2017-02-hydrovision-flowmeter-insertion-feedthrough-Durchflussmessung_Rohrleitung_HPP_ReVision








Frequency   1 MHz   1 MHz   120 kHz / 1 MHz
Beam Width   5° (-3dB)   10° (-3dB)   10° (-3dB)






Pipe Diameter   0,1 m to 2 m    0,1 m to 4 m    0,3 m to 10 m (120 kHZ)
0,3 m to  5 m (1 MHz)
Mounting   welding socket or thread    welding socket or thread     welding socket or thread  
Pressure Rate  

20 bar 

other ranges upon request


20 bar 

other ranges upon request


60 bar

other ranges upon request

Material   Stainless Steel   Stainless Steel, Brass   Stainless Steel
Cable   twisted pair with shield   twisted pair with shield   twisted pair with shield
Temperature Range   0° to 40°C   0° to 40°C   0° to 40°C 

Ø 1″

Length 293 mm


 Ø  1 1/2“

Length 407 mm


 Ø  1 1/2“

Length 186 mm

Weight   1 kg   1,8 kg   1,8 kg

incl. fixing device
ball valve and welding socket


When pipe can be dewatered for installation.

Designed to allow removal of the entire transducer for repair, replacement or cleaning without dewatering the pipe.






ReVision® with 5 layers



Transducer Replacement

In the unlikely event that a transducer should fail, the ReVision can be programmed to automatically compensate for the loss in path information with a little reduced accuracy in addition to advising the operator that an alarm is present. The transducer housings are separate from the transducers, allowing the transducers to be changed without special tooling and without shutting down the process.





Fully integrated metering solution with 2 acoustic paths

REVISION fully integrated ultrasonic multipath flow meter



Concept Innovation

Space constraints and/or appropriate application configurations lead to complex industrial pipe flows which contain elbows, tees and/or other disturbing and non-uniform elements. This leads to difficulties in installing flow meters at a recommended “optimum” location, which is defined by a minimum distance upstream or downstream of known disturbances like an elbow or pump where a fully developed velocity profile is present. Even with multiple flow sensors, there may still be a significant error which is known as the profile factor.



flow meter after a 90° elbow


Prior knowledge of the profile factor can be used to correct the velocity measurements made by flow sensors to a true spatially averaged velocity. The ReVision acoustic system provides detailed information on the flow velocity profile and an accurate measurement of the flow rate can be achieved by rebuilding the whole flow velocity profile across the pipe using predetermined conduit configuration parameters and correction factors.



Asymetric and Swirls Compensation

Flow meters are also sensitive to velocity profiles where there is a large rotational component (swirl). Swirl is normally generated by two or more out of plane changes in flow direction (e.g. one elbow/tee that goes from vertical to horizontal followed by an elbow/tee that changes the direction of flow in the horizontal plane). Swirl is present to some extent in almost every application and can generate significant transverse velocity components plus it takes a long distance to dissipate. If the swirl is not centred, it can cause significant errors. Thanks to the predetermined conduit configuration parameters and correction factors, the flow meter measurement accuracy is kept when asymmetric profiles and swirls are present in the pipe.



Slide Revision fully integrated ultrasonic flowmeter

flow meter after two out of plane changes in flow direction