How the vision evolved. 

The history of HydroVision started a long time before the companies actual foundation. The HydroVision concept was the idea of combining environmental awareness and the desire to support a sustainable development in flow measurement.   Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Skripalle founded HydroVision in 2002 and focused all his experience from the previous 20 years into developing a new generation of flow monitoring equipment. The early years of the company were dedicated to research and development, by 2003 a new range of digital ultrasonic flow meters with ISP technology were launched. This was the basis for our ultrasonic flow meters types Kanalis, Fluvius, Ductus and Ductus COHP.   After further years of development a second product line using Pulse-Spectral Correlation Technology was launched to the market – our Q-Eye family, resultant the Q-Eye PSC, Q-Eye PSC-Pro, Q-Eye MII etc.




Hydro Vision relies on communication


HydroVision are now operating worldwide and have offices in the USA and India. Our network of representatives provides local support and a communication path for information exchange within HydroVision. Consequently our customer’s requirements are met directly by us and this enables very close customer cooperation. Indeed, not only do we provide standard products, but often specially adapted products to the customer’s concepts and the site specific conditions.

Passion drives us


Our finished products are only proven when they stand up to the growing demands of the marketplace. Our responsibility as engineers is not complete until our instruments meet the required accuracy and reliability under real field conditions.

Thoroughness in detail


HydroVision has a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Our production structure is carefully planned throughout; all components used are of highest quality. Finished flow meters are thoroughly tested in accordance with the factory test certificate or customers special requirements.