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We know flow.® 

Monitoring water is becoming more and more important. Resources, particularly drinking water are extremely limited. In areas requiring irrigation, especially in very dry districts, man is already fighting to make good use of the last drop.


Without doubt, the acoustic flow measurement has enhanced its prestige. It is used as a fundamental information for water management in the field of hydrology, for the control of processes in the field of hydro power as well as for water supply, industry and waste water applications.


The acoustic principle has become a growth driver for flow meters. More and more users have already begun to appreciate the advantages of contact free measurements. With a comprehensive range of products and solutions we can determine flow in various applications. Accuracy and reliability are given top priority. HydroVision products owe their quality to rigorous testing under laboratory conditions and their continuous development. We are not satisfied until our instruments meet the required accuracy under real field conditions.


Portrait of Dr. Juergen Skripalle CEO HydroVision

Dr. Ing. Jürgen Skripalle



HydroVision’s broad knowledge in the area of acoustic flow measurement is reflected in our product range for standard applications. It becomes even more apparent when complex tasks have to be solved.


HydroVision is committed in equal measure to consulting, delivery quality, service and support.


Water is a valuable commodity, with which we feel connected in a special way. HydroVision is passionate about its products and can look back on many years of experience. HydroVision starts where others stop! 
 We are continually developing our product range, to stay one step ahead. This enables us to reliably solve all your measuring tasks.


We know flow.®