Ductus TT COHP

Ultrasonic multipath flowmeter 

For pipes with a diameter of more than half a meter, acoustic flow measurement systems have long established themselves as a reliable and convenient measurement method. Measurements in several planes are a recommended method to determine the efficiency of the turbine without the need for calibration meeting the latest international standards. Fixed installed equipment form the basis for verifying the efficiency. A deterioration of efficiency can be detected right away and therefore corrections can be initiated at an early stage.

The transmitter can handle up to 8 acoustic paths, arranged in one pipe (max. 8 paths per pipe) or spread over up to 4 pipes (max. 2 paths per pipe). When installed in multiple pipes, the flow meter measures the flow in each pipe and calculates the total flow.

A further area of application is the detection of burst pipes. Here at least 2 systems have to be permanently installed in the pipelines to be monitored. Because of the accuracy of our products, even small leakages can be detected instantaneously.



Ductus TT ultrasonic flow meter   


  Acoustic Paths  

1 – 8 (in up to 4 pipes simultaneously)

  Accuracy   ± 0,5% with 8 paths
  Range   ± 20 m/s
  Pipe Diameter  

0,3 – 10 m

  Pipe Wall Thickness   max. 100 mm (steel)

4 lines, 20 characters


internal, sampling interval user selectable


RS-232, MODBUS, Ethernet, USB


max. 8 x 4-20 mA


max. 4 x 4-20 mA

2 x Relay, 2 x Pulse

  Power Supply  

85-264 VAC (50-60 Hz)

or 12 VDC

  Battery Backup  

integrated, 2 Ah


Aluminium, wall mounted



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clamp-on_flow meter hydro power non intrusive flow monitoring pressurized pipe HydroVision Ductus COHP transducer  


  Pipe Diameter  

0,3 m to 15 m

  Pipe Wall Thickness  

up to 100 mm (steel, plastic, glass fiber)

up to 40 mm (concrete)

  Frequency   200 kHz
  Beam Width  

8° (-3dB)

  Material   Stainless steel, Polyamide

270 x 115 x 100 mm


non intrusive,

from the outside of the pipe



of Clamp-On-Systems

clamp-on flow meter hydro power non intrusive flow monitoring HydroVision Ductus COHP  

A flow meter using clamp-on transducers makes measuring flow non-intrusive and easy from the outside of the pipe.


The transducers are installed with little technical effort and without process interruption on the pipeline. Rotationally symmetric flow profiles can be determined with a single acoustic path; non-symmetric profiles require the use of several acoustic paths. 

 Clamp-On with 8 acoustic paths    


clamp-on_flow meter hydro power non intrusive flow monitoring pressurized pipe HydroVision Ductus COHP