Software Q



Software Q is a manufacturer independent software for efficient recording, evaluation and analysis including reporting of current meter measurements as well as other electronic velocity sensors.

Measurement sites and instruments are clearly defined, current meters and their calibration tables are historically filed and automatically checked for consistency. As a measuring method one-point, two-point and multipoint measurements are available. They are evaluated according to ISO748 “Measurement of liquid flow in open channels” and a report are created. The velocity distribution in a cross section is calculated by a Finite-Difference-Algorithm. This algorithm forms the basis for further evaluations like for example velocity along an acoustic path of a transit-time system, the velocity distribution within the sound beam of an H-ADCP or for determining the mean flow velocity within a user-defined section.

Whereas the basic module contains the fundamental analysis, further special features are available as modular components. These special modules make discharge measurements and their evaluation even more user-friendly for the customer.



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